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Curator Antonia Gaeta

In analyzing the etymological meaning of extravagance, we realize that this word refers to something that lies outside a main set or something that is created or discovered thanks to a loose and slight psychic posture, a walk aimlessly by unusual and devious ways. An inconstant or rapidly changing, unusual, bizarre situation. An extra-wandering that to the ratio and to the norms replaces the intuition and the visionary, that conjugates genius and revelry, dementia and insanity with paradoxical and anomalous situations.
Privileging the pars destruens of the Treger / Saint Sylvester Collection, that is, an analysis of the idea of ​​beauty and harmony, it was called Extravaganza, a collection of works that have as common denominator a non-linear speculative dynamics.
A certain feeling of surprise, slightly announced, involves the exposition that one wants to be irreverent, discontinuous and artificial. Extravaganza is based on strangeness, obsession with obscenity and nonsense, refusal of logical rules where there is room for abstractions, taste for absurdity, incongruity and all kinds of paradoxes. (Antonia Gaeta)

Patent at the Oliva Art Center from April 13 to September 15, 2019.
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