• Paços da Cultura

Founded in 21st May of 2005, the building of Paços da Cultura was created by the adaptation of the Paços do Concelho building, very special in the city history and linked to the emancipation and independency.

In the present day is an art and culture multifunctional infrastructure composed by an auditorium, concert bar, internet space, outdoor events, exhibition galleries and a memory room. In this building there are preserved very important and historic documents of the city that reflect the collective memory.

The main objective of Paços da Cultura is to be a space of great activity that promotes the cultural wealth of S. João da Madeira.

Monday to Saturday: 10h30 - 13h00 / 14h00 - 18h30
Sunday: Closed

Address: 11 de Outubro Street, 3700 S. João da Madeira
Tel: +351 256 827 783
E-mail: pacosdacultura@cm-sjm.pt
Website: http://pacosdacultura.blogspot.com/
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