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Along with the general guided tours, university students will have the chance to do specialized tours to departments or functions in the companies/institutions, accordingly to their education area. The purpose of these visits is to demonstrate how those jobs daily life are, encouraging the students to choose it. These tours will also be influenced by the group formation area.
For example, a group of design students will make a general visit to a company/institution and its departments, but there will be a special attention to the creative departments.

- Industries and institutions that will provide workshops and have programs for University students:

Training courses for students with high school degree
(12th year in Portuguese education system):
· Administration and Accounting 
· Footwear and Leatherwork Maintenance
· Technical Secretariat
· Footwear Design.

Enchanted Braides Workshop

· The participants learn the art of leather shoes hand braiding.
· From 16 years old
· Groups of 10 Max
· Duration: 1 hour
· 10€/person

Workshop only dedicated to students
· The participants will have the opportunity to draw and make a shoe, participating in the entire process and learning different techniques and using the appropriate tools.
· From 16 years old.
· Groups between 10 and 20 students Max.
· Duration: 4 hours
· 100€/group or 10€/person (for groups of more than 10)

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